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About the Docketing Excellence Webinar Series

Docketing paralegals, managers, and patent attorneys all know that docketing is a critical function for any successful patent prosecution operation. If not handled properly, docketing can be an area of major risk for law firms and corporations.

For this complimentary webinar series, we have pooled together docketing experts and managers from the Schwegman firm, Black Hills IP, and their respective clients to help educate on key docketing challenges and issues and share best practices on how to overcome them. Each of the Docketing Excellence webinars will provide a 30 minute panel discussion followed by a collaborative Q&A session.

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Wednesday, May 9 (1 PM Central)
How to Use Custom Fields, Workflows, and Docketing Templates in AppColl®

Want to build customized workflows with the AppColl® system? This webinar will take attendees through an example of building a template to launch a workflow, and how the workflow is used in practice.

Wednesday, June 6  (1 PM Central)
How Docketing Fits With Your International TM Filing Strategies

An international trademark practice generates docketing that differs considerably from a U.S. trademark practice.  This program will discuss the most common international docketing tasks and the best practices for addressing each.  

Wednesday, July 11  (1 PM Central)
What to Expect When Docketing TTAB Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings

Opposition and cancellation deadlines are unique to these proceedings and differ from those found in a transactional trademark practice.  This presentation will discuss the sequence of events for opposition and cancellation proceedings and practical tips for managing related docketing. 

Wednesday, August 8  (1 PM Central)
Docketing Options for Managing the Transfer of a Trademark Portfolio

The primary docketing consideration when transferring one or more TM portfolios is whether to manually enter the information or to “dump” the information from one docketing system to another.   During this presentation, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each and address practical considerations.

Wednesday, September 12  (1 PM Central)
Tips for Managing the Manual Entry of  a Transferred Trademark Portfolio

The decision to manually enter a transferred TM portfolio is just your first decision.  You also have to decide where to obtain the required data, what to double check, and which databases are reliable.    This presentation addresses those secondary decisions and the related considerations.