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Best Practices for Efficient Docketing of Routine Formalities: Part II
There are a dizzying array of requirements in various countries for formal documents, and a corresponding array of deadlines. Learn about the most common requirements and how best to docket for them.
Patent Count Analytics & Comparisons
Patent count analytics are a staple of patent analytics. This program explains the nuances of these analytics and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Attendees of this program will learn how to perform all the basic types of patent count analytics, and the value of each type.
Running an Effective Invention Disclosure & Patenting Program
If you’re properly prepared for an invention disclosure, the patent application drafting process should take six to eight weeks. But if you’re not prepared, the application process could stretch for months, even a year. Join this webinar to learn the key steps to running an effective invention disclosure and patenting program.

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner

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Portfolio Management & Analysis

Knowledge is the key to a healthy IP portfolio. Schwegman’s portfolio analysis attorneys help companies identify the opportunities and vulnerabilities in their portfolio. And when you have that knowledge, we are ready to help you develop a strategy to keep your IP portfolio healthy and make it stronger.

Traditional Portfolio Management

Schwegman’s Advanced Portfolio Management

Each patent reviewed individually

Patents mapped by claims to show a complete picture of coverage

Tracks current patents for existing products and designs

Uses claim tracking for future reference with related products, revealing the best investment of time and effort

Identifies current competing patents

Uses scope concepts to show areas of opportunity not covered by competing patents

Builds the landscape manually; cost can increase considerably with complexity

Arranges thousands of claims automatically without extra cost, making it easy to visualize strategies in a complex landscape

Your patents represent a major factor in your company’s economic future. One of the top benefits of holding many patents is the advantage gained when competitors are blocked from making, using or selling your inventions. You may also be considering leveraging your patents through licensing. And you want to make sure your patents are forming an effective shield against litigation.

We understand your business goals and help you build patent assets that are going to give you the best return for your investment.

How is Our Portfolio Management Different?

Our unique ClaimScape® software tracks your patents by their claims, as well as by overarching “scope concepts,” for quick searching and accurate analysis. This gives us an extraordinarily clear view of your portfolio and the competitive landscape. We can, at any point, search for potentially relevant issued patents and pending published patent applications – including searching by technology, competitors, inventors’ names, with forward and backward searches of any interesting references.

Using this view, we can help you determine the strategies you want to pursue and answer questions including:

  • Which jurisdictions, U.S. and foreign, do you need to be in?
  • How aggressively should you be about filing?
  • What does the competitive landscape look like?
  • How can you improve your use of patents?
  • Does the legal protection afforded by your patents support your company’s current position?
  • Are your patent activities supporting your ability to compete?
  • Where are unseen opportunities for your company’s innovation?